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        KERUNDE is a professional enterprise specializing in feed machinery and engineering, pet food machinery & engineering, robot palletizing system, automatic control system as well as equipment accessory service. It is a national high-tech enterprise. Up to now, more than 260 professional and technical personnel of mechanical design and manufacturing, electrical automation, process design and so on work together in Kerunde to provide expertise solutions for the customers. Kerunde is the China industry ISO9001 certified enterprises and has achieved Europe CE certification; The company has won the honorary titles of Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Serving Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise, Jiangsu Agricultural Technology Enterprise, Jiangsu Postgraduate Workstation and so on.


        KERUNDE feed machinery & engineering service covers poultry&livestock feed processing projects, aqua feed processing projects, ruminant feed processing projects, premix feed projects and so on. We serve customers at home and abroad. After more than 10 years of technical research and development, Kerunde has become a professional enterprise in feed industry. 


        As one of the core business units, KERUNDE pet food engineering solutions cover project planning, project design, equipment manufacture, project installation and commissioning as well as plant automatic control system. We provide professional assistance for the healthy growth of pets.


        KERUNDE robot palletizing system business operated by Yangzhou Sino-Eu Industrial Robot Co., Ltd., one of subsidiary companies of Kerunde group, is specialized in industrial robot technology and equipment integration service. As one of the earliest robot palletizing system providers, the Sino-Eu company is a global strategic partner of ABB group and has provided more than 1000 sets of equipment and systematic solutions for feed, grain, oil, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery and other industries.


        KERUNDE Intelligent control system is a professional level control product in the field of feed processing industry. We select high-class imported automatic electrical components so as to ensure the stability and traceability of the whole system. Excellent automation and intelligence assist customers in improving operation efficiency, reducing production costs and enhancing feeds quality. The configuration of the automatic control system determined by the scale of the project and the distribution of equipment is not only to meet the current needs, but is also suitable for the infinite expansion of production and operation in the future.


        KERUNDE accessories service provides customers with high-grade spare parts to ensure the stable and continuous operation of customer equipment. We imported laser cutting machine, multi - station CNC gun drill, large-diameter vertical vacuum quenching furnace and dynamic balancing machine with 5000 RPM and so on to fabricate spare parts.

        Insisting on the philosophy of “Advance with technology, Act with professionalism”, KERUNDE is dedicated to be a global leading supplier of professional intelligent equipment and engineering services in the field of cereal, oil and feed processing for global customers. Customer’s satisfaction is always the aim we are striving for. Warmly welcome you to visit KERUNDE and work with us.

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