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        A second Mushi ruminant feed mill built by KERUNDE put into production


        Following the first Mushi Ruminant Feed Mill with the annual capacity of 300,000 tons built by KERUNDE finished one year ago, its second ruminant feed mill which was also built by KERUNDE has put into production recently. The new one annual production capacity is designed to 500,000.



        KERUNDE Grinding Section of high-performance

        KERUNDE SFSP65x125 Fine-grinding Hammer mill which is equipped with KERUNDE TWLYS Series Iron and Stone Removing Feeder with the function of removing stones and ironic impurities is adopted in this section. Its capacity of corn with the screen of φ2mm is up to 25.47 tons per hour while the moistureloss is only 0.9%. 

        Production data of Hammer Mill



        KERUNDE Mixing Section of high precision

        KERUNDE SLHSJ Series Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer is applied, with CV<5%.


        KERUNDE Pelleting Section of High Efficiency

        KERUNDE KDZL 630 Dual-motor pellet mill equipped with KERUNDE conditioner and hygienizer is applied, Flexible drive by triangle belts, stable operation and strong adaptability; Excellent configuration, the selection of brand motor and imported triangle belts ensures operation efficiency and stability; Unique pelleting chamber structure deploys double press rollers and adjustable cutters; Optimize the internal and external scraper mechanism and the linear speed of the ring die for efficient operation. Safety protection devices such as door safety lock, overload protection, speed measuring device and so on are adopted.


        KERUNDE | Sino-Eu Robotic Palletizing System

        ABB Palletizing Robot integrating with automatic conveying system and auto pallet pool system is applied, which can realize the complete automatic palletizing of finished product, greatly enhance the operation efficiency of Mushi company and effectively reduce the labor cost of the feed mill.As one of the earliest robot palletizing system providers, the Sino-Eu company has provided more than 1000 sets of equipment and systematic solutions for feed, grain, oil, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery and other industries.


        KERUNDE | Kejia Auto Control System

        KERUNDE | Kejia automation control system is a professional level control product in the field of feed processing industry. We select high-class imported automatic electrical components so as to ensure the stability and traceability of the whole system. Excellent automation and intelligence assist customers in improving operation efficiency, reducing production costs and enhancing feeds quality. The configuration of the automatic control system determined by the scale of the project and the distribution of equipment is not only to meet the current needs, but is also suitable for the infinite expansion of production and operation in the future.

        Finished products



        Professtional Services

        KERUNDE provide Mushi company with long-term skills training on production, operation, management and maintenance so that help them train operation personnel, technical personnel and management personnel. The trainings delivered by our experts can solve customers' actual problems and continue to create value for customers.

        Professionalism creates value

        According to the physiological characteristics and nutritional requirements of ruminants as well as raw material characteristics, combined with decades of engineering construction and industry practice experience, KERUNDE provide you with professional systematic solutions of ruminant feed processing projects.

        Specialized production processes ensure the nutritional value of raw materials. High-performance equipment and accessories reduce operating costs, reduce residues and avoid cross contamination. Excellent control system achieves automatic and intelligent production with traceability, to ensure feed safety. The automatic unpacking, warehousing and mixing system of bagging raw materials, automatic control of equipment and automatic packaging and palletizing of finished products reduce the use of labor force.

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