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        8 Sets of Kerunde KDZL 800 Pellet Mill to Russia


        Recently, 8 sets of Kerunde KDZL800 pellet mill and their supporting equipment have been packed and shipped to the Russian project site.

        As one of the Kerunde classic pelleting series, nearly one thousand sets of kerunde KDZL series pellets are serving customers at home and abroad. They have achieved reputation of high yield, hogh efficiency and stable operation.



        KDZL Series Dual-motor pellet mill

        Flexible transmission by dual-motor v-belt driving system contributes to stable running and high adaptability.

        Flexible transmission by dual-motor v-belt driving system features with impact resistance, high efficiency, safety and stability. By changing the diameter of the belt wheel to adjust the rotation speed of the ring die, it meets the customer's requirements for output and appearance and it is more suitable for the production of high-grade aquatic feed.

        ◆ Excellent configuration achieves stable operation, free from worry.

        Select the first-line brand motor; The pairing of motors which is carefully measured ensures that the torque output of the main motors is highly consistent. Imported V-belt with service life of 2~3 years can achieve stable transmission and low noise, stable. The measured noise value of the machine is 90dB(A).

        ◆ Two rollers adopted in pelleting chamber, easy operation

        Two roller structure of high press efficiency achieves uniform material distribution and high output. Double-roller structure ensures uniform load distribution on ring die, so as to improve the service life of ring die.

        ◆ Adjustable angle of the cutter

        Each of the two rollers is equipped with a cutter, which can effectively control the pellet length. Adjustable cutter angle (optional) ensures the best cutting angle, resulting neat pellet section and low powder content so as to increasing the production indirectly.

        ◆ Optimized parameters, efficient operation

        Optimized internal and external scraper mechanism; optimized linear velocity of the ring die; suitable ratio of  discharge area vs motor power; optimal matching value of ring die width and linear velocity based on theoretical calculation and a large number of experimental verification. Enhanced production but less energy consumption.

        ◆ Safety

        Door safety lock adopted to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. Overload protection and speed measuring device are equipped for real-time detection of abnormal conditions. Discharge outside the equipment to ensure the safety of equipment.


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