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        Animal Feed

        Systematic solutions for aqua feed processing project

        Aquatic feed is mainly divided into two types: hard pelletized feed and extruded pellet feed. According to the physiology of aquatic animals such as fish, shrimp and crab and the particularity of their diet in water, it is required that aquatic feed must have excellent water resistance, low powder content. Therefore it is required that the raw material is ground fine, the pellet surface is smooth, and the pellet color is consistent. Extruded feed is required uniform in size, the floating feeds are 100% floating up and the sinking ones are 100% sinking down. In addition, energy consumption and other indicators need to be considered to maximize the production benefits of enterprises. Kerunde provide you with:

        1. Proper production process

        Customized requirements determine the process flow to meet customer production.

        2. Excellent equipment performance

        ? Unique combination of conditioner and hygienizer contributes to high ripening degree of feed, which is as high as 75.8%. 

        ? Dual-motor pellet mill: Flexible drive by triangle belts, stable operation and strong adaptability; Excellent configuration, the selection of brand motor and imported triangle belts ensures operation efficiency and stability; Unique pelleting chamber structure deploys double press rollers and adjustable cutters; Optimize the internal and external scraper mechanism and the linear speed of the ring die for efficient operation. Safety protection devices such as door safety lock, overload protection, speed measuring device and so on are adopted.

        ? Twin screw extruder, with high running speed and large output, can be equipped with density controller to adjust product density online, which can meet the production of slow sinking feed, floating feed, settling feed, etc. Modular design of screw and screw unit, can be combined randomly according to different formula; Quick assembly and disassembly of template and screw; the torque limiter structure is adopted to reduce the damage of the main shaft.

        ? Unique vertical dryer: moisture deviation after drying: +/-0.5%; Steam consumption: approx. 160-190 kg/t.

        3. Clean, no cross contamination, low energy consumption

        Adopt Kerunde high-performance equipment, advanced and proper process flow and humanized operation and maintenance platform, which make feed mills clean without cross pollution and ensure that energy consumption is lower than the industry standard.

        4. High degree of automation, reducing labor force

        Bulk modular warehouses are adopted for raw materials, the microelement addition system for handling the small material. Automatic batching, automatic online detection, automatic packaging, automatic palletizing and automatic loading greatly reduce the use of labor force.

        Our customers: GD Holdings, HAID Group, Tongwei Group, New Hope, TECHBANK......

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